Mass timber framing and a carbon negative impact

Cement and concrete manufacturing is the source of approximately 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It is responsible for releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere than the aviation industry (2.5%) and is not far behind the global agriculture business (12%).


That’s why 503 on Tenth has been developed using mass timber framing, an innovative construction solution that replaces concrete with slabs of wood that match or exceed the performance of concrete and steel, with the added benefit of a carbon negative impact.

Authentically Portland

Portland is already home to the tallest mass timber framed commercial building in the United States, and Oregon has led the mass timber revolution. That should come as no surprise — since 1938, Oregon has been the country’s top producer of lumber. And Portland was established in part to ship the state’s lumber around the world.

Mass timber also looks beautiful, bringing a natural warmth to indoor spaces that conventional construction materials cannot provide. And that’s a big deal to a community with an eye for design.

A beam of unfinished timber in a saw mill
Abstract image of illuminated transparent tubesAbstract image of illuminated transparent tubes

Ultra Energy Efficiency

503 on Tenth achieves optimum energy efficiency by strategically reducing use and implementing recovery across multiple systems. Energy-efficient LED lighting with daylighting controls result in a 25% lighting power density reduction. Heat recovery in the variable-speed lab exhaust both reduces energy consumption and repurposes heat energy for greater savings.

The use of thermally broken cladding support, warm edge spacers at glazing units, and roof insulation that goes beyond code requirements prevents heat loss and further reduces energy consumption. And comprehensive guidelines to reduce tenant-side energy use — including EnergyStar criteria for lab equipment — ensures that we’re all empowered to be part of the solution.

Holistic Sustainability

Every aspect of 503 on Tenth has been developed with sustainability in mind, from its green roof of native plants with low-flow irrigation design, to its EV-ready 130-vehicle garage, to dedicated bike parking and shower facilities, 503 on Tenth is designed to make it easy to make the right choices for the environment.

An electric vehicle being recharged

Need more information?

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